Avanti W798SS1 Portable Laundry Washer Review


Avanti W798SS1 Portable Laundry Washing Machine Review



This Avanti 21" Portable Laundry Washer is a top load automatic washer that does of great job of cleaning clothes while helping you save on laundry and energy expenses. This portable washer has a loading capacity that will surprise you as it can handle up to 12lb loads.

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The Avanti W798SS-1 portable laundry washer is a top loading compact washing machine that is perfect for a single person living in a small apartment or a small home that does not have dryer or washer hookups. With this portable machine, you no longer to go to a public laundry center to wash your clothes. This machine is small enough to fit in any room and has inset handles and rollers so you can move it around easily. The Avanti W798SS-1 offers a variety of washing options and multiple wash settings. It has almost everything you need in a washing machine and it is very easy to use.

Pulsating Base

The washer has a pulsating base that enhances its washing power and makes sure that it operates smoothly while washing your clothes. Unlike other washing machines, the Avanti W798SS-1 does not have an agitator that will tangle or damage your delicate clothing.

Softener Dispenser

You won’t have to worry about adding softener by hand while washing your clothes because the Avanti W798SS-1 has a softener dispenser that treats your clothes while they are being washed. You can just relax and wait until the machine completes a cycle.

Inset Handles and Rollers

The Avanti W798SS-1 is a portable laundry washer that is very easy to move. This small machine has inset handles and rollers that allow you to move and position it almost anywhere you want. If you live in a small apartment and only wish to take out the Avanti W798SS-1 when it is time to wash your clothes, then the inset handles and rollers will make moving it around easier for you.

Multiple Wash Settings

This portable washer has multiple wash settings that meet all your washing needs. By offering multiple wash settings, the Avanti W798SS-1 helps you avoid damaging delicate garments such as lingerie. There are different settings for different types of garments, allowing you to wash almost any garment with one machine. The Avanti W798SS-1 can wash 12 lb. loads effectively.

Additional Features

  • 1.7 CF Capacity means this portable washer has a small footprint
  • Even though this is considered a small washer, it can still handle up to 12 Lbs. loads which is impressive for its size
  • Compact Washer with A Large Loading Capacity
  • Fully Automatic Washer – Avanti did not cut any corners when making this washer – you get the features of an industrial size washer
  • Softener Dispenser – another bonus

What Others Are Saying About This Model

  • “Had the machine a week now. Have done 7 loads in the machine. Machine capacity great for the size of the unit. Clothes are clean and lint free.”

Our Final Thoughts On This Avanti Portable Washer

Overall, the Avanti W798SS-1 is a great little machine that is perfect for any home or small apartment. Its portability, pulsating base, softener dispenser, and multiple wash settings make it a great choice for those who are buying their own washing machine for the first time.

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