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Danby Portable Top Load Washing Machine Review


Going to a laundromat is typically the most convenient way to have laundry done for most people. However, there comes a point when this method becomes not-so-convenient anymore. For instance, having to take your laundry to the laundromat on a frequent basis may interfere with your everyday schedule. Having to carry heavy loads of laundry, having to come up with the coins to feed the machine and having to pick up your laundry again are also some of the drawbacks of going to a laundromat. A portable washing machine is a sound solution to these drawbacks.

Naturally, you will want a washing machine that’s affordable, compact and convenient to use. The Danby Portable Top Load Washing Machine claims to fit these criteria. Read on to learn more about the features, benefits as well as the drawbacks of this washing machine model.


  • High Load Capacity. For such a compact portable washing machine, this Danby model is able to carry a considerable load of laundry. You can wash 5 kilograms or 11.02 pounds of your clothes, socks, curtains, sheets and other fabrics.
  • Stainless Steel Interior. The tub and drum of this portable washing machine are made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about any flimsy or cheap interior parts that can break off as you use the machine. The machine’s cabinet is made of durable galvanized steel.
  • Wash Cycle Options. The Danby Portable Top Load Washing Machine also features a total of 8 wash cycles so you can select the ideal setting for your wash load. For instance, you can just soak your clothes, you can just do a rinse or you can do the full wash cycle.
  • Water Overflow Protection. Water that spills or overflows is a common problem with most portable washing machines and this Danby model aims to remedy this problem by boasting a water overflow protection feature.
  • Safety Lid. The washing machine also features a safety lid which means the spinning and washing operation will automatically stop when you open the washing machine cabinet’s lid.

Pros and Cons
The Danby Portable Top Load Washing Machine claims to be the perfect portable machine for homes that are limited in space, such as apartments and condominium units. Customers also love the fact that you don’t need any complicated plumbing or water connections in order to run the machine. You can connect the washer to a regular kitchen faucet and also have the water drain towards the kitchen sink. The quiet operation is also a great plus and many customers are happy that they can wash their laundry indoors without hearing a loud commotion.


  • Perfect for homes, apartments, RVs with limited space
  • Simple, hassle-free installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Saves money over the long-term – reduces laundromat and travel expenses
  • 120V which should meet the electrical requirements for most homes

Despite the advantages of the Danby Portable Top Load Washing Machine, a couple of customers have complained about the original casters that the machine comes with. According to these complaints, the casters do not roll easily and can even scrape the floor. If this happens, then you may need to buy a different set of casters, preferable adjustable metals ones with 40 wheels.


  • Somewhat flimsy faucet to washer hose
  • Original casters may be difficult to roll or may scrape floors

The washing machine also comes with a warranty but you need to keep in mind that warranty service doesn’t cover all locations. So before purchasing the machine, you will want to ask if your location is covered by the repair service. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the repair yourself.


  • Dimensions – 33″H x 21″W x 21″D
  • Weight – 84.5lbs
  • Capacity – 11lbs


  • 12 months Parts and Labor with “In Home” service


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