Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine Review


Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine Review


The Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine offers eighteen (18) to twenty pounds (20) of clothes washing. There are six (6) different wash cycles featured with the portable washing machine. The tub is stainless steel, but never rusts. The portable washing machine is on wheels to allow for easy washing. This is a perfect size for any person or family. The price makes this an affordable washing machine as well.



  • Accommodates eighteen to twenty (20) pounds of clothes
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Six (6) wash cycle programs
  • Three (3) water temperature options
  • On rollers for easy movement
  • Looks great
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t roll well on carpet or tile flooring
  • Weighs 160 pounds
  • Isn’t a full size washer


The Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine is a powerful washing machine in a portable size. The washing machine can hold up to twenty (20) pounds. This would include five (5) or six (6) pair of jeans easily. The washing machine offers six (6) different washing cycles to choose from to fit all your clothes. You can also choose from three (3) different water temperatures. This is a perfect portable washing machine for a single person or a family as it hold enough clothes for a family or a single person can do their laundry once a week instead of many loads in a day. The washing machine is on easy rollers to adjust and move to wash.


The Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine performs like a standard washing machine. You get the choices of washing programs along with water temperature that a standard washing machine offers, but for one-third the price. The washer is easy to hook up and can be used anywhere.

Best Use:

There isn’t anywhere that you couldn’t use the Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine. This would be great for a home, apartment, condo, cabin, dorm or any place that you can use a portable washing machine. The washer only weighs 160 pounds and is on roller wheels, which makes it easy to transport and move. The washing machine holds up to twenty (20) pounds and still cleans the clothes thoroughly.


The Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine only weighs 160 pounds. The portable washing machine may be smaller than the standard washing machine, but performs as good if not better. You get all the options of water temperature along with the cycle selection as a standard washer, but without the hassle of a big washing machine that must be hooked up and discharged normally. The price is what makes the portable washing machine amazing as it is one third the price.

Value for the Price:

The Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine is priced amazingly affordable. You will save money by purchasing this washer. The laundromat is very costly and just a several trips you can purchase this washing machine.


This is one of the best portable washing machines on the market. With all the selections that you can make for your clothes is an added bonus. The price is affordable, but the performance that the washer does to all laundry is wonderful. It is lightweight and on wheels and is perfect for any place and any size family. The Midea 2.1 CF Portable Washing Machine is the best portable washing machine you can purchase, especially for the price.


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