Portable Mini Countertop Spin Dryer


Mini Countertop Portable Spin Dryer



If you are in search of a portable spin dryer to pair with your portable washer, then look no further than the Mini Countertop Spin Dryer. Save time and money with this compact, energy friendly portable dryer. Perfect for pre-drying your clothes and with its small footprint, it takes up little space in your home or apartment or dorm.

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Being an owner of a Haier portable washer, I can tell you so much about the benefits of having a portable washer in your home. No more trips to the Laundromat. No need to go on endless searches for quarters. No need to wait in line for a washer or dryer to become free. No worrying about when is the best time to go washing. Those issues were eliminated the moment I bought my portable washer. What a help it has been and continues to be. Typically, I am quite skeptical of household items that others deem as “the latest and greatest” on the market. If I have some interest in the product, I find it best to hold off until a second version hits the market. And, if it is something that will help me save money and time, then I am fine with dishing out my “precious” money to purchase it. That is the reason I bought the Haier portable washer as it meets my household purchasing criteria.

What I did not foresee was the need for a portable dryer as I was so use to hanging my clothes out to dry on my balcony (I live in an apartment). Well, my mom abhors my outdoor clothes drying technique and she lets me know about it whenever she visits. My girlfriend echoes my mothers’ sentiments which led me to researching and purchasing the Mini Countertop Clothes Dryer from Laundry Alternative. I needed an item that would effectively wring out the water from my clothes which would cut my clothes drying time by more than half. This mini, power packed dryer does the job in a big way. Below, you will find some tips that I gleaned after my first few uses of this portable dryer:

  • You must read and understand the directions – Prior to my first use, I scanned the directions and missed how important it is to really balance your clothing in the dryer. If you do not do this, your portable dryer will bounced around on your countertop or floor like its dancing. So read the instructions for use.
  • Please understand this is not a dryer even though the title includes the term dryer. It is more of a hands-free wringer that will complete the wringing process in about three minutes.
  • Small load is exactly that….a small load. One pair of jeans or a sweater top or a few T-shirts. Nothing more than that per load.
  • You need to tinker with the speed controls to determine what works best with the type of clothing you will be loading.
  • Not as durable as I initially thought – I’m hoping it holds up for a year. If it does, I’ll be satisfied as the money and time I saved from having to go to the Laundromat will be worth it.

Final Thoughts On The Spin Dryer

Again, I am glad that I purchased this countertop dryer to pair up with my portable Haier washer. If you live in an apartment or any place that is limited in space and you want to save time and money, then this dryer will work for you.

Mini Countertop Spin Dryer Specifications

  • Works in only 2-3 minutes with 1600 rpm spin speed
  • 110V, 82 Watts
  • No hookup required

What Others Are Saying About The Mini Countertop Clothes Dryer

  • “I love this spinner! It’s very well made, and works beautifully.”
  • “Using this spin dryer after my clothes have gone through the mini…then just hang them up for a little while. No wringing…great solution for my laundry situation.”
  • “This little machine is amazing! Quick and easy and really gets stuff as close to dry as possible, without actually being dry.”
  • “This thing is amazing, it works better than I expected it too, and it’s really quiet! It was a really good addition to my wonder washer!”
  • “I highly recommend this to anyone who has a mobile lifestyle or a small living space, it is well worth the small investment, just keep the clothes centered and it performs just fine.”
  • “It is the best thing invented to compliment laundry washed by hand or by a small appliance washer. It’s a must have…Drying is so much faster as it expels so much of the water from the washed items!”

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