MobileWasher Portable Hand Washer Review


The MobileWasher-Hand Operating Washing Machine is perfect for everyone. This is an excellent way to wash your clothes without hand washing them or spending a fortune on soap and water. Clothes get clean using the MobileWasher. If you are tired of spending money at the laundromat, then this is an excellent way to clean your clothes without the high cost of the laundry mat. The clothes get clean quickly and you don’t wear your clothes out with the MobileWasher. The days of struggling with hand washing are over.


My recommendation for use is:

1. Complete two wash cycles (plunge at least six times to complete on wash cycle) in a five gallon bucket or something similar in size and depth with detergent added – I tried one cycle, but it did not clean as well as expected

2. You should let your clothes soak for at least an hour between wash cycles before rinsing

3. Complete two rinse cycles – plunge for forty-five seconds

4. Hang dry – clothes will be outdoors fresh afterwards


  • Easy to use even though instructions did not come with the order
  • Lightweight as expected
  • Great for anyone – college students, campers, truckers, anyone on-the-go
  • Affordable – can’t beat the price for this portable washer
  • Sturdy
  • Gets clothes clean


  • Handle is quite larger than shown in the picture
  • Need to exert some muscle to use the MobileWasher – may need to rethink this as it may actually be a good thing
  • Handle came off once, but glue solved this problem
  • Some plastic parts


The MobileWasher Hand Operating Washing Machine is lightweight as it only weighs 1.2 pounds. To use the MobileWasher, then you fill up a bucket, bathtub, or sink. You take the MobileWasher and you go up and down (plunging) on the clothes. The built-in agitator, along with some detergent, will work the dirt right out of the clothes. It is easy to use and operate….just takes a little bit of muscle to get the job done.


The MobileWasher Hand Operating Washing Machine performs outstandingly. You can decide the amount of water and soap along with the clothes that you want to wash in one load. It’s so easy to use. If you can hold on to the handle and push down, then you can get your clothes washed. No electricity is needed. Just some good ole arm muscle, water and soap. You will be amazed how clean your clothes will get with this hand operating washing machine. The agitator is in the bottom of the machine. When you push up and down, the agitator starts performing. You can even get creative with the MobileWasher by getting a bucket with a lid, then the water and soap stays in the bucket without any splashes.

Best Use:

This hand operating washing machine is best used anywhere by anyone. This is great for college dorms, cabins, vacations, camping and even for a family at home. It doesn’t take up much space and is very lightweight so you can take it anywhere you want. Campers and outdoorsmen love the MobileWasher portable hand washing machine as they are able to stay out and enjoy the outdoors, then wash whenever they like. Again, use with a five gallon bucket to get the maximum results.


If you are looking for a lightweight portable hand operating washing machine, then the MobileWasher is the perfect choice. It weighs less than two pounds. It is so lightweight and easy to carry that it enables you to take it anywhere you want. This is an excellent option for struggling college students looking for an affordable way to do their laundry without the high cost of paying for a washing machine.

Final Verdict:

The MobileWasher Hand Operating Washing Machine is perfect for anyone and any place. It can be carried anywhere. You save money on water and laundry soap. You actually get your clothes cleaner with this hand operating washing machine. The agitator is built in the bottom and all you need to do is push. Nothing is any easier than that. The price is so reasonable that you can afford to buy one for home and one for vacations. An excellent option for washing clothes at a reasonable price.

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