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Nina Spin Soft Portable Dryer Review



The Nina Soft Spin Dryer is considered to be one of the best portable dryers available. Perfect for small spaces such as dorms, apartments, and RVs. Save time and money with this powerful, lightweight, top-performing portable dryer.

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The Nina Soft Spin Portable Dryer is an amazing dryer. This dryer removes water that your washing machine doesn’t remove. You would be surprised on how dry the clothes come out after a spin in this dryer. You can reduce drying time by thirty minutes or more with the Nina Soft Spin Dryer. It is perfect for delicate items as they come out almost dry. The dryer is lightweight, energy efficient and is perfect for any size of family or single person.


  • 12 pound capacity
  • Works as fast as 2 or 3 minutes
  • Clothes come out almost dry
  • No special hookup needed
  • Two year warranty included
  • 1800 RPM spin speed
  • Lightweight-weighs only 15 pounds
  • Does not use heat
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t dry with heat
  • Not a conventional dryer


The Nina Soft Spin Portable Dryer is perfect for families or the single person. The dryer takes off drying time of the conventional dryer of thirty minutes or more. It is easy to use and operate. It works in only a few minutes. The spin speed is 1800 RMP. It will spin clothes out that the clothes are almost dry when you take them out of the Nina Soft Spin Portable Dryer. The dryer is much more gentle on clothes and perfect for delicate clothes that shouldn’t be placed in a hot dryer. You can put up to twelve pounds of laundry in the soft spin dryer that is at least several pair of jeans.


The performance is unbelievable. The dryer is over two hundred times energy efficient than your conventional dryer. You don’t need any special outlets as it will plug into any 110 Volt outlet plug. You place your wet clothes into the dryer and in two to three minutes the clothes come out nearly dry. Delicate and special hand wash clothes are ready to be hung up immediately. The dryer is in comparison to the industrial spin dryers that you see at commercial laundry mats.

Best Use:

The Nina Soft Spin Portable Dryer is best used anywhere. It only weighs fifteen pounds so it is easy to move around. You can place it next to your washing machine and run your clothes through the spin dryer, then if you want to continue to dry heavy items such as towels or jeans, then your drying time is cut by thirty minutes or more. This is excellent for college dorms, apartments and any home as you can hand wash items and put the clothes into the spin dryer to extract all water. Everyone should have this dryer.


The soft spin dryer only weighs fifteen pounds and can be carried and moved anywhere. It is lightweight, but has a powerful spin. The spin dryer can hold up to twelve pounds of laundry which is quite a bit. You can put several pairs of jeans in at once or seven or eight heavy towels to spin dry. You will cut down drying time on heavy clothes if you use the soft spin dryer.

Value for the Price:

The price of the Nina Soft Spin Portable Dryer is affordable and priced that everyone can afford this without breaking the bank. You can pick the spin dryer up for under one hundred and fifty dollars. You can’t beat the price for the performance this appliance brings to your clothes and the saving on your electric. You will save over two hundred times energy by using this than your conventional dryer.


The Nina Soft Spin Portable Dryer works and performs just as it is stated. You can literally save drying time by using the Nina Soft Spin Dryer. You will save money on drying time, electricity and the clothes that is preserved by using the dryer. There are so many benefits of using this dryer that you can’t go wrong in purchasing it. This is great for everyone and everywhere.

Nina Soft Spin Dryer

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