Panda Portable Compact Clothes Dryer


Panda Portable Compact Clothes Dryer Review


I’m a notorious “penny-pincher”….just ask my daughter.  Becoming a penny-pincher was a result of the childhood circumstances. Those circumstances  enabled me to become the budget-conscious person that I am now. Of course, there are pros and cons of being penny-pincher. I won’t focus on the cons as the pros are so much more beneficial to my family. When money is tight, we typically have no issues when it comes to conserving funds and when we have a little financial freedom, we still stay well within budget. So, being known as a notorious penny-pincher is fine with me as my kid is becoming a budget-conscious pro as well.

Just wanted to give you a little background before jumping into my Panda Portable Compact Clothes Dryer Review. After realizing that our monthly laundry budget was a little over $30 a month  or $360 per year, I decided to see how we could minimize or even eliminate  that cost by possibly utilizing a portable washer and dryer. I wish I could write a review on the portable washer we purchased, but somebody beat me to it. Regardless, before I finally made my decision on which portable dryer I would buy, I took into consideration a few factors:

Portable Dryer Requirements

  • Cost (you shouldn’t be surprised that it was first on my list – total cost of portable washer and dryer should be less than one year’s worth of our current laundry cost)
  • Performance (it needs to do what the company says it will do)
  • Maintenance/Support (the product has to be backed somehow, someway by a warranty)

After completing my research (cost, product, and warranty comparisons – I took the dryer comparisons from this site as a start), the Panda Portable Compact Clothes Dryer came the closest in terms of meeting the requirements above. The cost will pay for itself within a year.

When it arrived and I got my hands on it, I assembled and put it to use right off the bat. Please note the exhaust hose that it comes with makes no sense to me….not flexible as it is made from sturdy plastic, so it made positioning the dryer in the place that I wanted a little difficult – it can either be connected in an “up” or “down” position and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Even so, I purchased a flexible hose and duct tape from Home Depot for about $10 and that did the job. All in all, the installation was not too difficult at all. I loaded around 3lbs of clothing (3 pairs of adult-sized jeans and four pairs of socks)  and noted the time was a bit longer than the standard size dryer. But it got the job done while being surprisingly quiet. How quiet it is really depends on the weight of the load and exactly what it is you are drying.  The load came out dry with little static. Now, I dried two blankets and, my goodness, it took forever to dry. Drying time was in the range of two hours….literally two hours. Here’s a bit of advice…save your blankets or any heavy items for last.

So, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the overall performance of the Panda Portable Dryer. Along with the low cost (you have to compare your yearly laundry cost vs. the one-time cost of this dryer), ease of installation, and one-year warranty, I must say that this dryer is a must have for those living in confined spaces, are looking to compliment their existing portable washer, and are budget conscious (aka “penny-pincher”).

Panda Portable Compact Clothes Dryer Features

  • Capacity 8.8lbs, /2.65 cu.ft.- holds decent size loads
  • 120V outlet – the standard in most living areas
  • Weighs only 44lbs – makes the washer portable
  • With it being only 110V, you can understand why it takes longer to dry
  • I really like the see through window. Why? I don’t know, but I like it.
  • Stainless steel tub – good protection against scratches, dents, etc.
  • Wall mounting bracket – didn’t need it, but good to have just in case I need it in the future
  • Removable lint filter – easy to clean, but hard to find if you need to replace it
  • One year warranty – Perfect

Panda Portable Dryer Dimensions:

  • Width 23.62″ x Depth 17.12″ x Height 27.56″
  • Master Carton, Width 25.60″ x Depth 18.11″ x Height 29.33″
  • Unit Weigh = 44lbs
  • Master Carton Weight = 48.4lbs

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