Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Dryer Review


Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Portable Dryer Review


The Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer is the perfect compact dryer for apartments, dorms, condos, RV’s, cabins and all small spaces. This dryer may be small and lightweight, but dries effectively, efficiently with little cost. The dryer is lightweight and easy to move. A timer is available to set your clothes on the correct temperature and time. A wonderful dryer that anyone can use at anytime.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Stainless steel tub to protect again scratches and erosion
  • Mountable – if space is limited, you can mount this portable dryer on a wall
  • Plugs into any outlet
  • Comes in white or black
  • Dries quickly – much faster that I thought it would
  • Affordable price and saves you money of the lifetime of this dryer
  • And more…


  • Only holds 5 ½ pounds which is disappointing as I would have expected a little more given the price
  • Needs a drying vent – this is an added cost if you do not have one


The Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Portable Tumble Dryer is perfect for anyone and any space. The dryer comes on wheels so you are able to move it anywhere that you would like. Now, I did find it a little difficult to maneuver, but it’s not like I will be moving the dryer all the time. The dryer has three different temperature settings which I found to be beneficial. It comes with an automatic shut off function that’s handy. The dryer doesn’t need any special dryer hook-up as you can plug it into any 110volt outlet. It holds 5 ½ pounds of clothes that will dry quickly. You can mount the dryer or leave it on the wheels. It’s a wonderful dryer that works great.


The Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer performs outstandingly. The dryer can be set on the temperature and time that you would like. The dryer is compact, but works as well if not better than the standard size dryer. Placed one pair of jeans, two cotton blouses, and a pair of socks with the setting on “Warm”, within one hour they were dry and wrinkle-free. Not bad…..

Best Use

There isn’t anywhere that the Panda Small Mini Steel Tumble Dryer can’t be used. This handy lightweight dryer can easily be taken to your summer cabin or loaded into your RV for vacations. This is great for a family that needs an extra dryer around for the kids. This is certainly an anywhere, anytime dryer.


The dryer is lightweight and only weighs 37.5 pounds. The dryer comes in white or black so you can match the décor of your home. With convenient wheels, you are able to move the dryer around with ease. You can put up to 5 ½ pounds of clothes into the stainless steel tub and you will have dry clothes quickly.

Value for the Price

The Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer is affordable as you can get this dryer for an affordable price. A standard size dryer can cost over twice as much. Why purchase the standard size when the mini dryer can do all the drying you need at half the price. Have you had to dry clothes at a laundry center? It can cost four or five dollars for one load of clothes. In just a few trips you could purchase the Panda dryer.


The Panda Small Mini Stainless Steel Tub Dryer 5.5 pounds Compact Apartment Dryer is a wonderful compact dryer that dries as good as a standard size dryer for way under the cost. The dryer is lightweight and on wheels to give you easy access and travel with the dryer. This dryer is great for apartments, homes, RV’s, cabins and any space that you need to put a small dryer. The choice of white or black color allows you to match the décor if you want. The dryer has a temperature and time option along with an automatic shut-off with it. This is an excellent dryer for a single person or a family. You can’t beat the price as this dryer will meet and exceed all expectations of drying.


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