Panda Portable Washer Dryer Combo Review


Portable Panda Washer Dryer Combo Review


The Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine with the Spin Dryer is an amazing machine that can wash and spin almost completely dry. This is great for a second washer at home or to even have the spin dryer there as well. This is great for apartments, dorms, RV’s, camping and anywhere that you would like to take a portable washer that has the bonus spin dryer without the hassle of a heavy appliance.


  • Lightweight-Only weighs 28 pounds
  • Perfect for apartments, dorms, RV’s and anywhere
  • One side washes
  • One side spin dries
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Does not dry
  • Will not hold a lot of clothes
  • Spins very fast


The Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer is the portable washer that everyone should have. The machine only weighs twenty-eight pounds. It is easy to carry anywhere at any time. You can do laundry without the heavy price of taking it to the laundry mat with this washer and spin dryer combo. You can plug it into any 110 volt outlet. The spinning power is 1300 RPM’s. There is also a one year warranty that is included with the combo. It can hook up to your sink or you can fill it with a bucket. It is perfect for a family or a single person.


The Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer is the perfect solution to laundry. It performs amazingly. The spin dryer will spin your towels, jeans and heavy clothes almost dry. You will eliminate drying time in your dryer by at least half. Washing time is also cut down as you can wash your towels in fifteen minutes, then spin them out and your clothes are almost done in less than twenty minutes. The compact portable washing machine and spin dryer combo can be pushed from room to room as it is light weight, but performs outstandingly.

Best Use: The portable washing machine and spin dryer is best used in any space or place that you desire. It is perfect for camping trips in your RV as you don’t have to worry about having a washer and dryer hookup. A college student in a dorm would love this as they can have their laundry done in no time at all. This would be an excellent addition to a family. You can cut down your wash and dry time by at least half as the compact washer and spin dryer works that good and fast.

Weight: Where can you find a portable washing machine and spin dryer for twenty-eight pounds? You can find it with the Panda Small Compact Washing Machine with Spin Dryer. The length of the drain hose is 54 inches and the inlet hose is 43 inches. You can wash six to seven pounds of clothes and they will be nice and clean. Wash time is reduced. You also reduce your drying time up to half after you spin dry the clothes. You can hang them outside and they will dry fast.

Conclusion: The Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (6 – 7 pounds Capacity) with Spin Dryer is an amazing product at an outstanding price. This is perfect for anyone. You can have a family or be single and get benefits out of this appliance. You can’t go wrong with it. It does all it claims and much more.

Here Is Another Review Of The Portable Panda Washer Dryer Combo

“On the run” is a term that fits me well. When you are in college and involved with multiple school activities, time is a premium. The day starts early for me….I’m talking about waking up before sunrise to get a head start on my study sessions. Then, prior to going to class, I try my best to get a little workout in. After the workout, it’s a quick bite to eat and off to class. My classes do not end until 5p.m.. So from just before 8a.m. to 5p.m., it is all classroom with a few short breaks in between. Once the classes are done, I am back in the books by myself or with a study group trying to do learn as much as we can. My study sessions last until about 8 or 9p.m., then it’s time for a moment or two with my roommates and friends and then much needed rest. So, as you can see, my time to do anything outside of this is extremely limited.

When it comes to washing, well, until my parents shipped the Panda Portable Washer, having to go to the dorm’s laundromat was an adventure. Trying to find a time when the washers were not in use was a challenge. I am not sure why our administrators believe that only five washers is enough for nearly 400 students. Regardless, I deplore having to go to our dorm’s laundromat to wash. Let alone having to scrummage for change to wash and dry at all.

The Panda Washer has and continues to be a huge benefit for me…thanks mom and dad. It does not require much space as it sits in the corner of our dorm room (approved by our Resident Advisor). And it does a great job at cleaning my clothes. When it is time to put it to use, I simply connect a hose from our sink to the water inlets on the Panda washer, let water fill to the level needed, set the washing time, set the drain selector to allow the water to drain out from the washer, and finally, add the clothes to the dryer and set the dryer. Surprisingly, the Panda Washer Dryer Combo does not make a lot of noise – it’s fairly quiet.

As helpful as this portable washer dryer is, I do have to work a little to get the water out of the washer and hose. Plus, the dryer is a bit on the small side. Even so, the Panda Portable Washer and Dryer does what I need it to do…..clean my clothes and save me money. Two thumbs up for the Panda Portable Washer and Dryer.

Features of the Panda Portable Washer Dryer Combo

  • The Panda Portable Washer Dryer Combo has a decent, not great, design and is easy to transport.
  • The Panda washer footprint is minimal which helps it fit into small areas – good spot would be your kitchen next to the sink.
  • Its lightweight (28lbs – seems lighter than this), very easy to carry, yet sturdy and durable.
  • Amazingly quiet for a portable washer.

Panda Portable Washer Dryer Combo Pros

  • The Panda Portable Washer Dryer Combo with its small size and design can be used in an RV, Camper, apartment, dorm (like mines), and any other area with limited space
  • Use it as a spare or alongside your standard washer
  • Great for road trips
  • Significant savings as compared to your local laundromat

Panda Portable Washer Dryer Cons

  • Works on small loads only.
  • Spin dryer is quite small
  • Does not work that well on heavy clothing – may require multiple washes


  • The brand name is Panda.
  • The runs on 240W
  • Spin RPM = 1300
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • The unit weighs 28 pounds.
  • It has a depth of 22 inches.
  • It has a width of 14 inches.
  • It has a height of 25 inches.

The Panda Portable Washer Dryer Combo is a great combination unit that will save you time, money, and space. Comes with a one-year warranty, which combined with a reasonable price (low investment), makes this item a good buy.

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