Top 6 Reasons You Should Buy A Portable Washing Machine

If you’re a city dweller who lives in a cramped condominium unit or apartment then you probably know how challenging it can be to keep your clothes and other fabrics clean at all times. When washing your clothes by hand is not an option, the most convenient solution is obviously going to your good old neighborhood laundromat. However, there comes a time when even visiting your local laundromat can get tiresome and costly. Lugging your heavy laundry to the laundromat, spending monotonous time waiting for laundry and dragging your load back home can get pretty bothersome after some time. The money you spend feeding coins to the machines can also add up over time.

Fortunately, the laundromat is no longer your only option if you wish to do your laundry. There is now a wide range of portable washing machines in the market which are designed to make it easy and convenient to wash your clothes, towels, curtains and mattresses right in your kitchen or bathroom. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a portable washing machine.

  • Portable washing machines take up minimal space. Many city residents have considered buying their own washing machine so they can wash their laundry at home. However, space considerations almost always stop them from going through with their plans. After all, a cramped apartment or a small condo unit will barely have enough room for a washing machine. Portable washing machines are much smaller than your regular washing machines so you can rest assured that space will not be an issue. A portable washing machine is compact enough to be kept in the closet. Once you need to wash some clothes, you can simply take it out and situate it in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Portable washing machines are cheaper to purchase and operate. Since they are smaller than regular washing machines, portable washing machines are naturally more affordable. Not only are they priced lower but they are also more affordable to operate. High-quality portable washing machines made after 1994 are generally certified with an Energy Star. This certification recognizes the machine’s capability to consume less energy and water, therefore lowering your utility bills.
  • Portable washing machines do not require special plumbing or water connections. Another reason why you should consider investing in a portable washing machine is that it’s very easy to operate. Traditional full-sized washing machines typically require some type of plumbing or special water hose connections. Unfortunately, some old buildings and apartments are not equipped with these features. With a portable washing machine, all you need is a regular faucet, be it from the sink or the bathtub. Not only can the kitchen sink serve as your water source but you can also use the sink for draining the water in some models.
  • Some portable washing machines can be ideal for trips. Portable washing machines are not only great for living quarters that are limited in space, but some are even designed to be brought along on trips. Whether you’re going on a fishing or camping trip or traveling across the country aboard an RV, having a portable washing machine with you can be extremely beneficial. This eliminates the need to bring a whole lot of clean clothes that will last through the trip or having to go through the hassle of washing your clothese by hand while on the trip.
  • Some portable washing machines are gentle enough for delicate fabrics. Full-sized washing machines generally use a spinning or rotating motion in order to wash clothes. Although this can get the cleaning job done, the motion can often damage more delicate clothes and fabrics. Some portable washing machines make use of pulsating water instead of rotations. This gentler motion along with the liquid detergent used on most portable washing machines mean that you can machine-wash delicate clothes without worrying about damaging the fabric.
  • Portable washing machines are ideal for smaller households. Large families produce larger amounts of dirty laundry. In these cases, a portable washing machine may not be the best choice. However, if you’re living alone, with a roommate or partner or with a just a small family, then a full-sized washing machine can end up being more trouble than it’s worth. A smaller portable washing machine answers your laundry washing needs without the hassles of a full-sized washing machine.

Minimal space consumption, affordable operation, simple kitchen sink connection, portability for trips, gentle operation for delicate clothes and capacity for small households are some of the reasons why you should opt for a portable washing machine.

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