Watch Out For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic, wingless insects that feed on warm blooded hosts. Bed Bugs can live in sofas, mattresses, and any soft furniture. There are found in hotels, our homes, Cruise ships, and shelters that offer any type of bedding or soft furniture. This is a growing problem within our society. The most prominent time for bed bugs to feast is about an hour before sunrise. Typically, that is between five to seven in the morning. This time is when they are the most active. They will feed every five to ten days on their hosts. The feeding process takes about 5 minutes and then the bugs return to their dark safe environment.

A female bed bug will lay five eggs per day and a maximum of 100 eggs in their lifetime. These eggs are visible to the naked eye. They are an off white egg casing. It will take about five weeks for an egg to reach its mature stage. These insect can survive for many months without feeding. Can you believe that? They can survive several months without having to feast on anything. It is important to thoroughly check any used furniture that you purchase to make sure there are no bed bugs living in them. By looking under the cushions and into the crevices you can inspect the furniture. Look carefully and thoroughly…this is not something you want to take lightly. Use a flashlight or some source of light when search for these extremely small pest.

One of the biggest signs to determining if you have bed bugs is noticing that you have bites that have occurred during your sleep. These insects tend to bite in rows the same way that fleas do. Approximately 50 % of people that are bitten will not have a reaction to the insect bite. Research has determined that bed bugs don’t carry any diseases. But it is very important to take action to eliminate them from your furnishings.

It is highly advised that you contact a professional to come in to help eradicate these bugs. You can help this process by make sure there is no clutter left around the home that the bed bugs can use as a home. All of your linen and bed products should be washed at a minimum heat of 120 F. Professional dry cleaning will also kill the insects living in bedding. Bed bugs are a serious issue and can play havoc on your young children. Make sure you sure the blankets, sheets, and pillow cases often. As mentioned earlier, the minimum heat is important. If you can, take their beddings to a professional dry cleaner.

Folks, this is serious business, so do what is within your means to eliminate these pesky critters. Better yet, if you have children, then you should do whatever is necessary to rid you house of them. Call a specialist to come in and eradicate the bed bugs…it will be worth the cost. Make sure you check the references and try to identify at least three professionals.

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